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The TELUS Easy Payment® program allows you to spread the cost of your device over 24 months. Your TELUS Easy Payment® is the amount you pay each month that goes towards paying back the pre-tax balance of your device cost.

Note: Some devices will also require an upfront cost, as shown in the example below.

Example: iPhone Xs 64gb

Retail Price


TELUS Easy Payment® Balance


Device price due upfront


Taxes HST (Ontario 13%) due upfront




Total Due Upfront


Due Monthly: TELUS Easy Payment® Charge (24 mos)


Explanation of terms

TELUS Easy Payment® Balance: The TELUS Easy Payment® Balance is the upfront reduction off the retail price of the device, which will be spread over the course of 24 months

Taxes: The taxes are calculated based on the total device cost and must be paid in full at the time of purchase. The tax rate is based on the province where the purchase is deducted from the total cost of the device.

Total Due Upfront: The amount that must be paid at the time of purchase, this would include the device price as well as taxes.

Due Monthly: TELUS Easy Payment® Charge (24 mos): The TELUS Easy Payment® Balance, divided into equal payments over 24 months. These monthly charges will not be taxes as taxes were already paid upfront on the cost of the device.

Starting Balance: This is the starting TELUS Easy Payment® Balance that is being paid through the 24 monthly payments.

Monthly Payments: The monthly drawdown of the TELUS Easy Payment® Balance paid on the bill for 24 months

Current Balance: Remaining TELUS Easy Payment® Balance after deduction of monthly payments paid to date.

Amount Paid: Sum of total monthly payments paid to date by the customer.

Start Date: This is when the monthly payments start.

End Date: This is when the monthly payments end.

Select "New TELUS Customer" and place an order. We will set up your TELUS account and notify you. All customers must select a device with voice and  data plan. Any additional add-on users can be added by selecting “Add a new line" to my TELUS account”. 

Select “ Renew or upgade”. Select the device with voice and/ data plan. If current contract has not expired, TELUS may assess an Early Device Balance repayment fee. We will contact you with the amount before processing your order.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) plans provide a monthly discount for clients who own their own phone and are off contract. You require a TELUS locked phone, or an unlocked device when ordering a BYOD plan.

Customers can transfer mobile or landline numbers from other providers to TELUS. Select ‘Number Transfer” option and provide full details. Some carrier may restrict number transfer or may change cancellation fee.

You will receive an order confirmation. As we update the status of your order, we will make sure to send you notification email. You can also check order status by log in to your account.

Yes, we provide both the options. We will email the tracking number when the order is shipped. For pick up order, you will be notified when the order is ready for a pick up.

The activation process and device pick up can take 3-5 Business days.

Yes. If you bought a new device from TELUS, you’re covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, which you can find in the packaging of your device. Each manufacturer has its own warranty, but they generally cover repairs required to fix defects for up to a year. The TELUS Repair Program can help you take advantage of your warranty, including lending you a loaner while your device is getting fixed. For full details, visit

You sure can. As long as your credit is in good standing, you can upgrade your device whenever you like. Just pay off the amount on your Device Balance at the end of the last complete month elapsed since the beginning of this agreement, or since your last upgrade, then pick out a device and start a new commitment period.

All prices are based on the current prices and discounts from TELUS. Prices are subject to change without notice from TELUS or the manufacturer. Hardware and plan price is not guaranteed until an order has been processed and approved. We will contact you if there is any pricing change. The pricing shown on our website is accurate at time posted.

All users on an account with a data sharing plan have access to all the shared data. Once the shared data is used, additional data charges will be calculated using the pay-per-use rate that applies to each user’s rate plan and service options. The shared data add-on is only charged to one user on the account. The minimum spend commitment is also transferred, if it is higher.

If you cancel your service term, you will be subject to a service term termination fee. The fee is your remaining device balance plus a $50 early cancellation fee. Calculate your Device Balance. TELUS discounts the cost of your device when you sign up for a service term.